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LPG GAS Line Installation for Gas geyser/Water Heater

Instant Hot Water, Instant Savings.  Gas Geysers provide the home with not only a convenient and energy saving way to provide water supply but offer an Eco-friendly manner in which to do it. 

How do they work you ask?

Gas Geysers simply heat on demand, in other words they only heat the water that passes through it, there is no storage of actual water by the unit. So as long as you have gas and water, there is not dependency on electricity or the price of it.  It only heats water when the tap is turned on and switches off as soon as you close your tap.  No storage of water, not continuous re-heating as in the conventional geyser.  You have made not only made a environmentally friendly but long term investment in your new gas appliance that will serve you your home and pocket well in the near future.  With soaring electricity bills and unreliable power supply, gas is now the go-to option that provides reliability and uninterrupted supply.

But Now What?

We will install your gas line for less and as prescribed under new legislation. We are registered installers and pride ourselves on quality workmanship.  Some factors to take into account when purchasing a gas geyser: 

Gas Geyser size is of paramount importance to ensure you get the right pressure, gas geysers are available in a variety of sizes but one must remember the litre amount illustrated on the units is not its holding capacity but the delivery rate in litres per minute.  This means one takes into account how many taps or showers would be running at the same time at a particular time of day and how many litres that would consume in a minute. A guideline:

  1. Basin taps: 3-5 litres per minute
  2. Showers: 6-25 liters per minute
  3. Bath: 6-28 liters per minute

We generally recommend 26L gas geyser to replace a conventional homes geyser, but this is only a recommendation and the final choice would be yours based on your unique requirements. 

  • Our quotations will include a site visit to ensure not only that your installation will be to your needs but also to ensure that installation can be done in accordance to regulations and for your safety.
  • Distance from appliance to gas bottle point of supply affect price but please contact us to learn more about placement and view our SANS Regulations page on a typical compliant installation.  Note:  That we are here to provide you with a service based on our individual requirement and at all times will do our utmost to meet your needs aesthetically and most importantly in a safe manner.

Our quotations will be fully comprehensive and include all necessary sundries and labour to complete the gas line installation:   

  • LPG gas bottle based on most appropriate size required.
  • Pipe Work: Copper pipe, mounting brackets, screws and anchors.
  • Bottle End Assembly: Includes regulator, mounting brackets, pigtail/s, changeover valve (backup assembly only), screws and plugs
  • Fitting Pack: Copper pipe, pipe fitting, orange flexible hose, hose clamps, 2 x valves, stud and hosetails.
  • Gas bottle cage:  Optional extra, depending on installation type but and added safety precaution. 
  • LPG Gas installation certificate of compliance on completion. 

Please note that our quotation does not include any plumbing or connection of your gas geyser to a water supply.  This would have to be carried out by a registered plumber, such that they can provide a certificate of compliance.


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