Certificate of Compliance


t is common knowledge the a home owner requires a certificate of compliance in respect of electrical installation at there residence or business property.  This has now been extended to include LPG or Liquid Petroleum Gas installations since the 1st October 2009.  This requires any individual who has a gas line or gas appliance installed to be in possession of a certificate of conformity or should the be installing a gas appliance that it be installed by a qualified and registered person with the LPGSASA, who would then issue a COC.


  • Any gas installation existing or new, whether it be a gas braai, stove, gas geyser requires by law to have a certificate of conformity on its installation or that a previous installation be in possession of one or undertake to have there existing installation issued with one.
  • Home owners considering selling their property and have gas installations will not be able too, should they not carry a COC.
  • Should you have a current gas installation and not be in possession of this certificate, there is a cost implication but in the long-run in terms of safety and property sale, a necessity well worth the spend.  


New gas line installations carried out by ourselves are issued with this certificate on completion, so should this be your first installation not to worry we have you covered.

Existing gas appliance or Existing gas line installations: We will visit your premises and evaluate your current installation to ensure that it is to regulation and code.  

  • Should this previous installation be found to be compliant we charge:  Call out and assessment fee and should you opt for a new certificate and additional fee would be charged.
  • Should your previous installation be found not to be compliant we charge:  Call out and assessment fee + upgrade of current installation + certificate of conformity.  (All upgrade costs, labour, parts and reasons why the upgrade needs to be carried out will be discussed in full with the client before any work would commence).  Please note all call out fees are mandatory, should you not decide to upgrade and be issued with a COC.

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