SANS SABS Regulations

These documents – SANS 10087:1 (2008) of the OHS Act of 1993, the Pressure Equipment Regulations of 2009 and Local Government Fire Regulations as amended, should be referred to as they clearly lay out important requirements in terms of ventilation, safety distances, location of cylinders and various other critical factors that affect the design process.


These regulations cover certain legal requirements for gas installations, including who may carry out such work and who may issue Certificates of Conformity (CoC’s).

Clause 17(1) “No person shall-

(b) install or remove an appliance, pressure equipment or system for gas in any manner other than in accordance with the relevant safety standard incorporated into these regulations under section 44 of the Act;

(c) install or remove a gas appliance or a gas system unless such a person is an authorised person;”

Clause 17(3) “An Authorised Person or an approved inspection authority shall issue a certificate of conformity after completion of a gas installation, modification, alteration or change of ownership in the form of Annexure A…”


For installations at residential premises that use gas systems with a capacity of not more than 100kg, plans are not required; however, Local Government Fire Regulations may impose stricter legislation (eThekwini’s legislation require plans for gas systems in excess of 50kg).

Section of SANS says “plans and drawings shall preferably be drawn to one of the following scales, however, where permission from the local authority has been obtained, a marked-up drawing or diagram that indicates the manifold, pipeline and shut off valve(s), and the required notes for this part of SANS 10087 shall be acceptable”. These scales include 1:1000, 1:500, 1:300, 1:200 or 1:100 for site plans, and 1:100, 1:50 or 1:20 for layout drawings.

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